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In AD2101 War was Beginning

Oh god how did this get here I'm not very good at the internets :(

Experienced IRC Users

For those of you familiar with IRC in general, the bare-bones details are found immediately below. If you need a little more explanation, skip ahead to the following sections.

Channel: pick one there's a ton of them

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New to IRC?

Oh you poor soul :(

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It is a communication protocol developed for real-time chat, making it a suitable alternate comunication xform when compared with forums. It is especially suited for pissing people off and otherwise being an asshole as it provides instant feedback to your trolling desires.

All listed programs below are Free to use

  • mIRC - Horrible terrible client everyone seems to be married to.
  • irssi - Better than you'll ever be.
  • XChat - If irssi is too hardcore for you I guess this will do.
  • HydraIRC - I dunno a bunch of people use this???
  • Pidgin - If you use this I will end you.

You probably have anyway, but it's advised you check out the websites of all of these, including the About, Documentation and maybe FAQ sections, to get an idea of which you feel would suit you best.

If this is still too complicated just click here and use the webchat.

Note from new management: Webchat is temporarily unavailable for maintenance. See Touhou Forums for more info.

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